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Asian Drivers

Key Questions

The global Asian Drivers research network seeks to provide answers to  six major sets of policy- and poverty-related challenges posed to low-income economies by the rise of the Asian Drivers:

  • What are the consequences for their economic growth

  • Who are likely to be the losers and winners from the growing dynamism of the Asian Drivers? What are the implications for distribution, within and between low-income economies, and within and between regional clusters of low-income economies?

  • What is the likely impact of the dynamism of the Asian Drivers on the environment?

  • Given these growth, distributional and environmental impacts, what are the implications for development strategies in developing economies?

  • How should developing countries engage with the global economy?
  • Given their rapid growth and size, what are the implications of this shift in global power for institutions of local, national, regional and global governance, in the public, private and non-governmental sectors?