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Asian Drivers



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Globalisation and the ‘Emerging Giants’ – China and India (Cover)

Globalisation, & The ‘Emerging Giants’— China and India— and African development

What Are the Implications for Global Value Chains When the Market Shifts from the North to the South?

What Happens When the Market Shifts to China? The Gabon Timber and Thai Cassava Value Chains



China, Africa and the Environment

China's Growth and the Agricultural Exports of Southern Africa

China’s Private Enterprises in Africa and the Implications for African Development

The EU's response to China's Africa safari: Can triangulation match needs?

Chinese Migrants In Africa As New Agents Of Development? An Analytical Framework

Do Chinese Exports Crowd-Out African Goods? An econometric analysis by country and sector

Chinese FDI In Sub Saharan Africa: Engaging With Large Dragons

David V. Goliath: Mauritius facing up to China

Africa, China and the ‘new’ economic geography of development 2009

New African choices? The politics of Chinese engagement in Africa and the changing architecture of international development

China in Africa: A Review Essay

Chinese FDI In Sub Saharan Africa: Engaging With Large Dragons

Two Scientists For Every Man, Woman And Dog In America? How Sustainable Is Globalisation?

The Asian Drivers and SSA: MFA Quota Removal and the Portents for African Industrialisation?

China and Sub Saharan Africa: Impacts and Challenges of a Growing Relationship



China Agriculture Demand

Ethnic Enclave of Transnational Migrants in Guangzhou: A Case Study of Xiaobei

Flexigemony And Force In China’s Geoeconomic Strategy In Africa: Sudan And Zambia Compared

Africa and China
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Greater Africa-China Economic Cooperation: Will This Widen ‘Policy Space’? (2008)

ANGOLA AND CHINA - A Pragmatic Partnership

China's New Role in Africa and The South (2008)


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Kaplinsky, R (2008) Overtaken by the Orient?

Kaplinsky, R (2008) China and the Terms of Trade: The Challenge to Development Strategy in SSA

Klare, Michael (2008) The Limits to Growth: China's Strategic energy Dilemma

Li, C (2008) China’s Political Trajectory: Internal Contradictions and Inner-Party Democracy

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Wong, C (2008) The New Social and Economic Order in 21st Century China: Can the Government Bring a Kinder, Gentler Mode of Development?

Yusuf, S (2008) How China is Reshaping the Industrial Geography of South-East Asia



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