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Asian Drivers

Who are the Asian Drivers?


Asia has become the major source of dynamism in the global economy, largely as a result of the rapid growth of China and India. Their success, follows the earlier “growth miracles” of the four Asian Tigers (Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore and Taiwan), and before this, the rapid post-war growth of Japan.

The Asian Driver economies are distinctive because of:

  • their size
  • their rapid growth
  • their recent emergence.

Currently, the primary Asian Driver economies are China and India. However, many of the products which emerge from the Asian Driver economies are produced with inputs from the East and South Asian region – machinery from Japan and Korea, components from Taiwan, raw materials from Thailand and Indonesia.

For this reason, although the Asian Driver programme is primarily focused on China and India, it necessarily also includes a focus on other regional economies such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. 

Why are the Asian Drivers important?