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Since 1979, China has grown at an average rate of more than 9 percent p.a. India has grown at a similar pace since the early 1990s. The OECD estimates that China is likely to become the second biggest economy in the world by 2016, and India the third largest by 2035.

There is growing concern about the impact of these newly dynamic Asian economies on North America, the EU and Japan. But few are asking the question – what impact will China and India have on the developing world in general, and on the nature and incidence of poverty in particular? This question is particularly important in the light of the key Millennium Development Goal to halve the incidence of global poverty by 2015.

Together with a global community of researchers , Development Policy and Practice (DPP) is in engaged in a research programme exploring the impact of China and India – The Asian Drivers – on the developing world.